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Star Parking at Porto Airport

Status: Aberto, com medidas para evitar Covid
Seguro de cancelamento disponível

The Star Parking car park, located just 150 meters away and just 1 minute walk from the Sá Carneiro Airport terminal, can be the ideal option to leave your car tidy while traveling.

This Porto airport parking lot is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which guarantees a service available at any time.

It is semi-covered, which means that it has safety awnings that shelter vehicles from outdoor weather conditions. In addition, it has fully discovered places.

In terms of security, Star Parking Porto guarantees a video surveillance, electronic and human surveillance service, operational constantly and uninterrupted.

Your reservation includes the shuttle service, which transports travelers from the Star Parking park, at any time of the day. If you prefer, you can leave your car at the airport. In this case, a company driver will be waiting for you and will take your vehicle to the park.

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Endereço do estacionamento Avenida Mário Brito, nº 5516. Perafita 4455-494 Matosinhos, Portugal
Tempo de viagem: 2min
Contacte o Manobrista do estacionamento 4470-558 Maia, Portugal, 4470-558, Porto, Portugal
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Shuttle Manobrista
Como funciona o estacionamento com shuttle?

conduz até ao estacionamento da sua escolha e é levado para o aeroporto em menos de 30 minutos. O shuttle tem um horário flexível. No estacionamento recebe as informações sobre o ponto de encontro após o seu regresso. Depois de aterrar, contacte o manobrista que levará o seu veículo até si.

O shuttle está sempre disponível e é gratuito O shuttle tem um horário flexível Deixado no terminal
1 Estacionamento Estaciona o seu veículo, é informado(a) sobre o ponto de recolha e o número de contacto.
2 Shuttle de partida O shuttle está sempre pronto a cada 30 minutos e tem um horário flexível.
3 Shuttle de regresso Pode contactar o número fornecido para se encontrar na localização confirmada.
4 Regresse a casa Conduza para casa assim que chegar ao estacionamento.
Com Star Parking está protegido por:
Sí Segurança 24 horas
A maioria dos estacionamentos está aberto 24 horas por dia, por isso está sempre protegido.
No verificação automóvelSí CamerasSí SeguroSí Barreira
No Sem limite de altura
Os estacionamentos abertos não têm restrição de altura
No asfalto ou pavimento No Iluminação de orientaçãoNo carga elétricaSí Sala de esperaNo WC
Sí Aberto 24 horasSí Fique com as suas chavesNo Assistência inicialSí CobertoNo Ajuda com a bagagemSí Lavagem automática

How to Enjoy the Parking Star Porto Quality Service

When booking - the reservation is not mandatory, but it is recommended, in order to avoid finding the park crowded on the day of the trip -, you must indicate whether you want to leave your car at the Star Parking park or at the Sá Carneiro Airport terminal. Then, save the reservation information that will be sent to you.

On the day of travel, go to the place indicated on the reservation. If you have chosen to leave the vehicle in the car park, simply park. After brief formalities, you will be transported to the departures terminal, which is just 1 minute away.

If you have chosen to stay at the departure terminal, just a few minutes before arriving at Sá Carneiro Airport, call the contact number indicated in the booking information. When returning to the country, contact that same number when picking up your luggage. Your car will be waiting for you at the arrivals terminal.

Quality Service at Low Cost Prices

Regarding quality, the Star Parking park guarantees an excellent service combined with low-cost prices and a team with 45 years of experience. You can also count on a multibrand workshop, a convenience store for a coffee and a confectionery, as well as car washes on site. It's almost a mall!

How to get to Star Parking?

Getting to this car park couldn't be easier. At Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, head to the arrivals area and cross the terminal. Proceed along the right lane until you reach the roundabout. Take the first exit and, in 150 meters, you will find the park on the left. So easy!

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